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July 2019

Airspeed Women Leaders

In the male-dominated Philippine logistics industry, there is a company headed by a mother of four and has been successfully thriving and slugging it out with the “Big Boys” for more than 30 years. Airspeed is an end-to-end logistics solutions and express courier company founded in 1985 by Chairman and President Rosemarie P. Rafael. Through the leadership and vision of Mrs. Rafael, Airspeed has become one of the most trusted and fastest-growing logistics companies in the country today.

A closer look at Airspeed reveals why it stands out in the cargo and logistics industry and exposes the most probable reason why it continues to grow and prosper. Although it is unusual, it is not unlikely that a woman holds the top position in a highly successful logistics company. What is certainly extraordinary and significant, is that 80% of Airspeed’s top executives and 45% of Airspeed’s middle-tier managers, the people responsible for Airspeed’s achievements, are WOMEN!

Airspeed is proof that in an industry where men make most of the deals and decisions, women’s visions and perspectives are just as valued, judging by their rapid rise.

Rafael has chosen to empower women at Airspeed because women are naturally nurturing, and she believes that when people are supported and enabled, they do great and impossible things. Rafael also believes that her greatest competitive edge as a leader is being able to care deeply about her team, in fact, she considers her people as Airspeed’s biggest success.

Some of the women working under the wings of Rafael are General Manager and Senior Vice President Mariz Regis who takes care of the International team and E-Commerce Pick-Up and Delivery department; Assistant General Manager (for International) Maritoni Rey; Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Eliza Nieveras who heads the Finance and Administration; Chief Commercial Officer Grace Pascual who handles and trains the Corporate Sales team, Chief Information Technology Officer Liza Marquez who heads the Management Information System department; Chief Human Resources Officer Emilee Alfonso who handles the whole people management division; Vice President for Seafreight Thelma Manila, and Vice President for Pick-up and Delivery Josefa Susbilla.

Having a majority of women leaders makes a difference in the way Airspeed does its business. The motherly instincts that women possess transcend work at Airspeed to a personal level. Management treats employees like family, which is why employee turnover is very minimal. When the management team handles clients, they also make sure they do not focus simply on making a sale but ensure that they feel cared for by Airspeed.

Airspeed’s women leaders are not only experts in their respective fields but visionaries as well. They are determined individuals who are devoted to making things happen and are committed to foster work-life integration. Because they see the bigger picture, the women of Airspeed know that Airspeed employees must be able to adapt to the fast-changing landscape of logistics. Airspeed continuously trains and educates employees through seminars, conferences, and like activities to remain up to date and stay competitive. To find ways and means of improving existing systems and technologies, employees, especially women, with the ability to innovate and the talent for disruption are stimulated, encouraged, and rewarded at Airspeed.

Airspeed aims to be a company that is highly respected by its peers and clients, a brand which is synonymous with reliability and integrity, and the preferred corporate logistics provider in the country. In the male-dominated logistics industry, the women of Airspeed are doing their best to make it happen.

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Fujifilm Opens 2nd PH Office in Cebu City

Fujifilm 2nd PH Office

As part of its “NEVER STOP” global branding campaign, Japanese company FUJIFILM, one of the leading camera and film brands in the world, will open today its second Philippine office in Cebu City to cater to the growing number of customers in the Visayas region.

Mr. Ryo Nagaoka, FUJIFILM Philippines president, said there has been an increasing demand for FUJIFILM products in the southern part of the country. “Despite the vast product lineup for camera brands, most Filipinos still choose FUJIFILM because of its high-quality products and competitive prices,” Mr. Nagaoka said.


The opening of the second office in the Philippines is in line with FUJIFILM’s dedication to achieve continued growth and to develop innovations for the betterment of society while reinforcing technical support and maintain customer satisfaction.

Same with the FUJIFILM main branch in Pasig City, the new office on the 2nd floor of NIC-2 Building, Capitol Square, N. Escario St., Cebu City, serves people’s needs through a diverse range of innovative consumer and business products including solutions and services. The new branch will also prioritize after-sales support both for consumers as well as business partners and has a local repair center for Digital Camera and Endoscopy products.

Fujifilm Event

Fujifilm was established in 1934 as a Japanese photographic film manufacturer, headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, Fujifilm continuous to evolve and develops leading-edge, proprietary technologies by leveraging its depth of knowledge and expertise derived from photography film into other products and markets. At present, FUJIFILM span a diversified range of product segments including healthcare, graphic systems, highly functional materials, optical devices, digital imaging, and document products.

Last year, FUJIFILM Philippines partnered with the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. This is to promote the Pink Ribbon Campaign and remind women to have themselves screened and checked for breast cancer, owing to the alarming rates of breast cancer in the country. The company started to work with Philippine General Hospital to deliver quality healthcare to patients through Fujifilm’s AMULET Innovality Mammography System SYNAPSE RIS & PACS (Radiology Information Systems & Picture Archiving and Communication System).

As part of its social responsibility, FUJIFILM Philippines also conducts workshops, shooting events, customer interviews, symposia, tradeshows, and outreach programs to reach more audiences.

FUJIFILM never stops creating value from innovations. The company is committed to ongoing growth and will never stop evolving.

For more information about FUJIFILM, visit and

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Nationwide Baristas’ Quest invades Cebu!

Baristas gathering

Baristas and coffee enthusiasts across the Visayas are in for a thrill as Baristas’ Quest conquers Cebu City in the next leg of Baristas’ Quest—with the brewing competition.

Participants from Cebu City and neighboring towns joined in this brewing competition at the Tightrope Coffee located at Pres. Quezon Street, Cebu City.

Michael Harris Conlin, President and CEO, of Henry & Sons Trading and Manufacturing Company, Inc., who is also the 2019 Philippine National Barista Champion and the 2019 World Barista Championship Semi-Finalist, leads the Baristas’ Quest campaign.

Baristas’ Quest is a month-long campaign of competitions created to empower and promote camaraderie amongst Filipino baristas and coffee enthusiasts, and to showcase their skills in making coffee. Succeeding legs of the competition took place in Davao and Baguio City.

John Rey Plaza of 4th Street Café emerged as champion in the Quest Coffee Triangulation Competition in Davao City, while Leandro Lamis of Figaro Baguio won in the Coffee + Art: Latte Art Throwdown in Baguio City.

The champions of these competitions will get the chance to represent his or her region by getting a competitor sponsorship package for the National Coffee Championships, a travel allowance and accommodation to the Philippine National Barista Assembly happening on September 20 at the SMX Convention Center Aura, and a Comandante Grinder! These events are co-sponsored by the venue partners.

To know more about Barista Quest visit or contact Tony Dy at 0917.153.1188.

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Laundry Business: How to Guarantee Success


Whirlpool – Maytag Commercial Laundry

Whirlpool Event
Whirlpool – Maytag Commercial Laundry

Laundromats have been in existence since the 1930s in the United States: a row of fully automated self-service machines where people brought their own detergent and waited for their laundry to finish.

In the Philippines, laundromats only started becoming popular in the late ’90s and these were full service in nature. People came in and dropped off their laundry and picked them up at a later time, already packed and folded. But a few years back, we started seeing the growth of self-service laundry shops and these have become so popular that you can now see one in every corner of the neighborhood.

The proven advantages of the laundry business consistently make this industry a solid business choice. Experts say that the combination of flexibility and high demand appeals to aspiring entrepreneurs since these factors raise the probability of success. Besides this, it is also an advantage that laundry shops are recession-resistant as clean clothes are considered a basic necessity. Unlike other industries, the targeted customers are not restricted to certain age groups; everyone needs clean clothes so everyone is a potential customer.

As a cash business, there are minimized struggles with accounts receivables and low capital investments can even bring high rates of return. Where else do you have the possibility of earning back a one million investment in just 18 months? And where else can you operate a shop where your customers do their own work?

However, we must remember that success only comes with choosing the right equipment. Durability and dependability are a must before making decisions. And with Whirlpool-Maytag Commercial Laundry, these are not just words but commitments to their partners and customers. This is why more than 1500 laundromats in the country have chosen the brand as their partner in the laundry industry.

Whirlpool-Maytag offers an extended line of commercial and industrial laundry equipment such as washers, dryers, and stackable units for you to select from that offer reliable performance and high-energy savings. They are equipped with an Inverter Drive Technology that ensures energy efficiency and high extraction speeds which lessens the wear and tear on its components. These models also have advanced software that tracks payments, wash cycles, and settings so both the customers and owners can relax without worrying about their security.

You can rely on Whirlpool-Maytag Commercial Laundry to work with you in determining the right solutions for your needs. From equipment selection and installation, you’ll have the knowledge and experience of an industry leader behind you through the business seminars they offer nationwide. You can profit from both our legendary reliability, and the ongoing support of the world’s #1 preferred laundry brand.

Laundry Business Whirlpool

Filipinos trust Whirlpool-Maytag Commercial Laundry to make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable. It’s that trust in the Whirlpool-Maytag brand that has helped build customer loyalty year after year because you can guarantee that you have a brand that’s ready to support you every step of the way.

The laundry industry has a lot of untapped potential waiting to be discovered. Should you decide to start your own laundry business, Whirlpool-Maytag Commercial Laundry is ready to help you get started. To schedule a consultation, you may contact Ms. Windy Punzalan at (0917) 8236285 or at

For more information, you can drop by their showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, IloIlo, and Bacolod, or visit their website at

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6 Perks of Being a Toddler’s Mom


Being a toddler’s mom for the first time is stressful. Don’t even say otherwise, because it is!

But, setting aside the stress, those sleepless nights, after all the hard work you do every day, having a child brings joy and unexplainable happiness in any parent’s life.

Today, I listed 6 perks that I get to enjoy as a mom despite ranting about my toddler’s actions every day.

1. If you are afraid to be alone, don’t worry, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE!

2. You’ll get lots of hugs and kisses — unlimited, even if you don’t ask for it. Prepare a tissue or a cloth for the saliva though. 😂😂

Baby Kissing Mom

3. You get to have snacks all the time, don’t mind if it’s your child’s leftovers.

Leftover Snacks

4. You get to exercise while cleaning your child’s stuff. Hey, multitasking!

Messy House

5. Out of tune? Don’t worry, your child will appreciate any nursery rhyme that you will sing. Hey, you get to practice your vocal cords too! Our favorite at the moment is Clean Up Song by CoCoMelon. — No preview of me singing, sorry! 😂😂

6. Can’t sleep? Insomnia? Oh mom, just think of your day tomorrow and gaze at your child’s face. And you’ll fall asleep in no time, tomorrow will be another day (you know what I mean!) 😂😂

Sleeping toddler

I LOVE MY CHILD, I would just like to share the positive side of every rant that I make in this journey of mamahood. If you are offended in any way, I apologize.

Are you a mom too, can you relate? 😊 Can you share something similar about your toddler too? Comment down below and I’ll add it up to the list. Thank you for reading! 😊