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August 2019

Mother with baby sleeping

It was a busy week in my world of freelancing and I am having a normal change of attitude when I’m expecting my period. I have a 25-28-day cycle but I freaked out when I missed Day 1 last March 2016. The thought of being pregnant came to mind.

We were married for 10 months then and was not really trying to conceive, be pregnant. I told my husband that I missed my period. As we wait for the right time to check, we had this mixed emotion of fear, excitement, and what-ifs letting the days pass by.

I took the test after 7 days. March 26, 2016 (we slept at a friend’s house), I woke up early but hesitated to test my urine. I don’t know why. My husband is still asleep and so I did my project for a client for a while. When my husband woke up, I gathered my courage and secretly walked into the bathroom with the pregnancy test kit.

And so it happened, I waited for a while and saw the 2 super red lines shouting that I was indeed pregnant. I felt nervous and happy and afraid. I don’t know what else can you call the feeling that I had inside the bathroom.

Before I went out, I composed myself, fixed my hair and prepared something to tell my husband. But the moment that I saw him, nothing came out of my mouth. I just felt the need to hug him and so I did. Teary-eyed, I showed him that little white PT and uttered, ‘Dad, positive’. We were both smiling and hugged each other tightly.

And now, I am the mom of a super active toddler. 🙂 Please join me as I share with you my journey as a first-time mom here on the blog.


Coke Studio Season 3 ❘ Feel the Rhythm, Hear My Feelings

Coke Studio Music Festival
Coke Studio Music Festival Season 3

Today’s TeenGen is a lot more vocal and expressive with what they’re going through or what’s on their minds. Whether it be a kilig moment with a crush, heartbreak, getting recognized in school, or a cause they strongly support, teens of these days can teach us a thing or two about having no holds barred.

Coke Studio Season 3: MyFeels

It has been a year since our Homecoming to Teen Love, this year, Coke Studio brings us its 3rd Season: MyFeels. Indeed, no one does it better than Coke when it comes to launches with the Coke Studio Music Festival that commenced the Coke Studio Season 3: MyFeels last August 23 at the Circuit Makati with our hosts from the Summer Concert Ylona Garcia and Justin Quirino.

Sarah Geronimo
Coke Studio: Sarah Geronimo

Headlined by Coke Studio Season 3 artists, we welcomed the rainy season with a rush of water and stream of feelings ranging from love, freedom, independence, and moving forward.

We moved to the groove with Iñigo Pascual, Ron Henley, Al James, Lola Amour, This Band, and Miss Sarah Geronimo while Janine Teñoso, Clara Benin, Bea Lorenzo, Silent Sanctuary, Brisom, St. Wolf, Just Hush, UDD, and Morisette serenaded us with their solo performances. Also giving us surprise numbers were Coke Studio Seasons 1 and 2 alums Ben & Ben, December Avenue, and IV of Spades.

Coke Studio
Coke studio

We used to be shy about sharing what we feel, no matter what it is, to people around us even the ones we trust. Coke Studio: MyFeels is here to turn the tables, its time to celebrate our feels and make it known that no one can dictate the validity of our feelings.

Coke Studio

Just when we thought 2019 is going too fast and time is running out for us, Coke Studio came to the rescue with its 3rd Season and made us realize to celebrate every single thing no matter how little they are, look out for the possibilities that learning from triumphs and slumps can give us, and keep in touch with the feels of people around us and ourselves.

Catch them every Saturday starting September 14, at 10 am on ABS-CBN.


Mother Nurture Launches the First Lactation Choco and Coffee Mixes in PH to Support Breastfeeding Moms

Mother Nurture lactation Choco and Coffee mixes
Mother Nurture Lactation Choco and Coffee mixes

Mother Nurture introduces the first-ever lactation Choco and Coffee mixes in the Philippines for breastfeeding moms. Available in Chocolate and Coffee mixes, the pro-breastfeeding brand has been nurturing Filipino mothers and championing the cause of breastfeeding through their online (FB) stores and resellers.

Lan San Juan-Perez, the woman behind Mother Nurture products, became aware of the challenges in breastfeeding of many Filipino women. After successfully re-lactating to breastfeed her second child, she became an ardent advocate. Lan firmly believes in the many benefits of breastfeeding.

Mother Nurture Event

“Breast milk is the perfect food to give to an infant. It has all the necessary nutrients that they need for immunity and to protect them from common infections. Breastfed babies are shown to have higher IQ, language ability, visual-motor abilities, emotional and intellectual developments. All these things will benefit children later in life,” Lan explains.

While on her breastfeeding journey, Lan noticed that there were very few local products specifically formulated and deemed safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. This is especially true for Coffee drinks. Although there was Malunggay Coffee available, the labels usually caution pregnant and lactating mothers against drinking them because of the caffeine content.

This encouraged Lan to formulate, develop, and market what we now know today as Mother Nurture products. She believes that Filipino women like herself should be able to enjoy luscious chocolate and coffee drinks that are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Lan also added that since breastfeeding women are more careful about the food and drinks they take, they usually miss drinking coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which may cause fussiness in breastfed babies.

Mother Nurture First Lactating Choco and Coffee Mix

Lan’s search for breastfeeding friendly products led her to create her own brand of drink mixtures with carefully selected and locally-sourced ingredients. The Mother Nurture 7in1 Choco mix and 7in1 Coffee mix are packed with breast milk production booster or galactagogues such as Calcium Lactate, Malunggay power, and Ashitaba. It also has Gotu Kola, a herb that helps relieve mental fatigue and boost blood circulation. Both products are sweetened with Stevia, a healthy sugar substitute that helps in insulin secretion and is a known antioxidant.

These unique ingredients make Mother Nurture products not only safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It is also safe for diabetics, hypertensive, acidic and even kids. They are also Halal certified.

Nursing moms are often and tired and hungry. Breastfeeding burns as much as 500-calories, thus it’s no wonder moms have a voracious appetite. Because of their amazing sacrifice for giving birth and nursing mothers deserve as much pampering as possible.

Not diverting from the need to stay healthy, breastfeeding moms need to eat as much healthy and nutritious food to sustain their milk production and energy.

As a breastfeeding mom, one should be more aware of the food they take and the possible effect these foods have for their nursing child. The Philippines is abundant in Moringa or Malunggay which is a known milk booster and the main ingredient in Mother Nurture Drink Mixes.

Mother Nurture Event

Mother Nurture products are made by a mom for moms. Lan Perez stressed that many Filipino women are struggling to balance having a job and taking care of their families. Those who choose to stay home to focus on their family may still find ways to earn and become mompreneur like herself. She opened her products for online sellers. She currently has more than 150 partner reseller stores, fellow breastfeeding moms and advocates nationwide.

Through her products, she is not only helping fellow mothers enjoy a wonderful breastfeeding journey. She is also empowering women by giving them a chance to earn while taking care of their babies full time. After five years of online entrepreneurship, Mother Nurture is now officially launching products after earning the approval of the FDA.

Mother Nurture Drink Mixes are a delicious and nutritious way to boost breast milk production.

Despite continuous advocacy and information dissemination on the benefits of breastfeeding, Filipino mothers have yet to fully understand and appreciate the wonderful benefits of exclusively breastfeeding their babies.

The 2014 State of the World’s Children report from UNICEF showed that only 34% of Filipino infants 6 months and below were exclusively breastfed. And only 34% of this number continues getting breast milk for two years. Most Filipino mothers choose to provide milk formula for different reasons. Some claimed to be unable to produce breast milk while others consider formula use to be more convenient.


Henry and Sons’ Introduces Transparency Platform for Coffee


In the recently concluded World Food Expo Manila, Henry and Sons’ President and CEO Michael Harris Conlin launched — a digital transparency platform that displays detailed information of coffee from the farmers to the retail market.

Henry and Sons Platform for Coffee

During his presentation in the forum “A Taste of the Cordillera” last August 9, Conlin explains how customers can access the transparency report on every can of coffee purchased from Henry and Sons. By scanning the QR code on the can, the website will appear on the screen that shows information about the farmer where the coffee cherries were purchased, and the process of roasting and manufacturing of the coffee beans until it reaches its target consumers. It also reveals the breakdown of the cost of the product — from crop to market.

Itogon Coffee Shares profits to the farmers

In partnership with the Saddle Hartwell Lumbag Coffee Growers Association through the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence, Henry and Sons also introduced the Nano Lots Coffee series featuring the backyard farmers from Itogon, Benguet namely Lolita, Cayamdas, Hilda, and Rita. These coffee cans are the pioneer products to utilize the platform.

The Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence is the advocacy arm of Henry and Sons geared to address the major issues in the coffee farming industry. Its connection to the farmers began when the foundation provided aid to the residents of Itogon, Benguet after typhoon Ompong struck the town in 2018. Mining, which used to be the community’s main source of livelihood, greatly contributed to the landslide that left the town devastated. Learning this, the foundation started to work with the farmers to help their town transform into a fully sustainable coffee growing community.

Conlin, who is also a social entrepreneur, aims to demonstrate transparency, accountability, and trust throughout the agricultural value chain and to positively impact the Philippine agricultural sector through the new platform.

“Now, the consumers can truly see how their hard-earned money helps the entire value chain,” Conlin states.

Itogon Coffee available at Rustans, Giving Cafe and

The featured coffees will be available at Rustan’s Department Store, The Giving Café, and at Henry and Sons’ e-commerce website


Say Goodbye to Long Lines, Pay Meralco Bill using GCash App


Paying our Meralco Bill has never been easier ever since I discovered that I can use the GCash App even when I am a Smart prepaid subscriber. Say Goodbye to long lines and traveling with my toddler when paying our bill.


  1. Log-in to your GCash App. Make sure that you have a sufficient amount to pay your bill. Click ‘Pay Bills’.
GCash App Log In

2. Choose Electric Utilities

GCash App Electric Utilities

3. Find and Click Meralco on the list.

GCash App Meralco Payment

4. Enter the required fields.

GCash App Meralco Required Fields
  • Pay For – Total Current Amount
  • Enter the Meralco Reference Number or scan the bar code on the bottom right and it will automatically populate the Reference Number
  • Enter the amount in Php — make sure that you enter the exact amount including centavos, else, it won’t push through
  • Email is optional but I always put my email address for documentation.

5. Review the details and then click ‘CONFIRM’ and wait for the text confirmation of the successful transaction.

GCash is an authorized partner of Bayad Center. Please note that Meralco Bill payment is free. Also, transactions made after 8 pm will be processed the next day.

And that’s as easy as that! With a few clicks at the comfort of your home, you have now paid your bill. Hassle-free! Don’t have the GCash App yet? You may register using this link:

Do you want to be an investor but don’t have enough money? With GCash Invest Money, you can start by investing as low as P50.00. Yes, just P50.00! Here’s a guide on how to start:

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