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October 2019

Belle de Jour Planner

A new year often marks a new beginning – and with it, a promise of hope, joy, and excitement. Goals are set and calendars are marked, whether it’s getting into shape, setting up a new business, or creating a travel destination bucket list.

It can be overwhelming when you’re faced with the reality of your decision. It isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. Where do you start to make your dreams for the year come to pass? How do you ensure that you get to follow through on your commitments to yourself? How do you get rid of being overwhelmed and stuck, fixing your eyes on the prize?

This October, Viviamo!, Inc., maker of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, is set to release a new line of products for their 2020 collection. Each planner is designed to fit different lifestyles and needs while helping its users achieve their goals for the year ahead.

Discover the Universe Within with the 2020 Belle de Jour Power Planner

BDJ Power Planner

Viviamo’s flagship offering, the Belle de Jour Power Planner, uses the theme “The Universe is in Me.” By discovering the universe within, you are opening up to the endless possibilities within your reach.

It features monthly activities that enable and challenge you to live life to the fullest. Also, weekly spreads provide enough space to write down lists, schedules, and even personal mantras.

The 2020 edition of the Belle de Jour Power Planner includes 2020 Goals Pages to ensure that you would stay focused, motivated, and on the right track. Other special pages include a Dream Board, a gratitude grid, and a daily Law of Attraction schedule.

The Belle de Jour Power Planner comes in four distinct and beautifully-designed covers.

Find Your Second Home with the Navi 2020 Planner

Built for the adventurer, the Navi 2020 includes stories from 12 travel bloggers who candidly talk about the places they consider their second home. These anecdotes are designed to inspire and invite veteran and newbie travelers to seek out their own adventures.

Navi 2020 includes a bucket list page, itinerary spread, and several checklists to make sure that you have everything you need to explore and discover a new or familiar destination.

Attract Abundance with the Everything is Possible 2020 Planner

BDJ Everything is Possible Planner

Everything is Possible 2020 is equipped with special pages to help you set your goals, breaking them down into smaller chunks. The planner includes two 2020 Goals spreads, allowing you to list down tangible and actionable steps while setting deadlines for each.

Its cover features water-like elements, alluding to the ripple effect that one small action makes across a larger body of water.

Embrace Gratitude with the Focus 2020 Journal

The team at Viviamo believes that gratitude is one of the most important attributes to a life of success. The Focus 2020 Journal achieves just that, with monthly spreads that feature eye-catching and thought-provoking typography. Monthly check-ups allow you the space to reflect on different aspects of life that you’re grateful for. The spacious weekly layout is designed to help you maximize the space for schedules and other events.

Zero In on What is Essential with the Essentials Planner

BDJ Planner Essentials

Minimalists will enjoy using Viviamo’s Essentials Planner. Its clean and no-nonsense dotted spreads are specially designed for bullet journaling and creative journaling. The planner comes in two covers: classic and pattern.
Each Viviamo 2020 planner is equipped with a Life Declarations page, with the intention of igniting your goals, dreams, and passions for the year ahead.

Whatever your goals are for 2020, trust that Viviamo has a planner specially made for you. Get ready to set your goals and have a meaningful year ahead.

Viviamo’s 2020 collection is available at their one-stop-shop for all things paper – Crazy About Paper. Shop for planners and journals at starting October 12. The planners will also be sold at all major bookstores starting October 2019.


Upgrade the Quality of Your Life with Fujidenzo

Fujidenzo Appliances

Owning a house is a major accomplishment for most people, but transforming it into a dream home is an entirely different story. Filling it with appliances usually requires a significant amount of investment that sometimes, people opt to just choose products with the most basic of functions, often sacrificing form, feature, and style.

Although there are many home appliances available in the market, it is difficult to choose a brand you can trust. So if you want products that are known for their durability and energy-efficiency, the top choice of homeowners is Fujidenzo Appliances.

Adrian Jasper Sioco
Adrian Jasper Sioco, Fujidenzo Marketing Director

“Over the years, Fujidenzo has been one of the country’s leading marketers of quality home and commercial appliances. Our brand’s commitment of “Quality Above All” reflects in our products and after-sales service, and has been instrumental in upgrading the quality of life of Filipinos,” said Adrian Jasper Sioco, Marketing Director of Fujidenzo Appliances.

And to further meet the demands of countless consumers, Fujidenzo has introduced the latest addition to its product portfolio – the premium home appliance category.

Premium Home Appliance Category

Refrigerators in this category come in different styles such as Side by Side, Multi-Door, and Bottom Mount configurations. All equipped with Heavy Duty (HD) Inverter Technology to assure you of maximum energy efficiency, these no-frost refrigerators also showcase a variety of innovative features and elegant designs like silver glass door finish, high-grade stainless steel, or black premium steel doors.

Meanwhile, the line of fully automatic washers boasts of the exclusive Variable Water Pressure Technology which allows them to function even with very little water pressure. Available in 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, and 10.5kg capacities, users from areas suffering from water scarcity can finally enjoy the convenience of having a fully automatic HD Inverter washer with low water and energy consumption.

Fujidenzo Angela Luz Tarriela

For those who want to live a healthier lifestyle, the new Fujidenzo Fit ‘n’ Go Slow Juicers have made this journey simpler. With a super slow speed of 45rpm for maximum juicing performance, this allows you to get the most from your fruits and vegetables. Nutrient retention is also very high since the entire process produces less heat and friction.

Finally, to ensure that all your appliances are protected from power surges and fluctuations commonly experienced in our country, Fujidenzo has also come out with an Automatic Voltage Regulator. Available in 1,500VA and 2,000VA capacities, it is equipped with a 100% copper motor and Servo motor control that enables it to properly capture and regulate power fluctuations. These AVRs are also equipped with an Overvoltage Protection feature which assures you that your appliances will always be safe in the event of a dangerous power surge.

So if you’re ready to upgrade the quality of your life, Fujidenzo products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies with the support of over 250 service centers nationwide, you can also drop by their showrooms in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, and Iloilo or visit their official website at


How to Get an Upwork Identity Verification Badge

Upwork Logo
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Last April 23, I received an email from Upwork that freelancers now have the opportunity to earn an Upwork Identity Verification Badge. It was not required back then so I just moved on. But then last September 24, I received another email from them saying that this is now required.

Why did Upwork require the Identity Verification Badge?

According to their email, they are now requiring the Identity Verification Badge to help keep Upwork safe and fraud-free. They received feedback from clients that this information is important when they evaluate freelancers to hire. For the freelancers, those who have Identity Verified badge receive more job invitations.

If a freelancer did not earn the badge by September 30, the freelancer will not be able to withdraw earnings or submit proposals. The existing contracts will not be affected, however.

How to get an Identity Verified Badge?

To get the badge, you have to pass the two-stage verification process. Go to your Upwork profile ‘Settings’ and click ‘Identity Verification’. You may also click the link in the Action Required message shown on your account, or the email entitled Action Required: Please Verify Your Identity.

1. Provide a valid government-issued ID

– This ID must include your picture, signature, name, date of birth, and address, with the exception of passports, which don’t need your address. Acceptable documents include passport, national ID card, driver’s license, NBI Clearance, tax ID, voter ID, postal ID, or any other valid government-issued photo ID that meets these criteria. Visit this link for more information:

2. Complete a video verification call

– For the verification call, make sure that you have a working webcam and microphone. The call should take less than ten minutes.

I researched what the Upwork agents usually ask and came up with these: Full name, Government ID used, Upwork email address, information about your contracts, name of your current clients and what do you do for them, etc. The questions are not always the same per Upwork Agent and freelancers.

So before the call, I prepared everything. I made sure that my webcam and headphone are working, my ID is with me in case they asked for it, and visited my profile to review the contracts that I have. Then I clicked the link on the Action Required notification to get started.

Upwork Identity Verification Call
Action Required: To avoid additional account restrictions, you must complete your identity verification call with Upwork. You can initiate this call by chatting with an agent ‘here.

The link redirects to the Upwork Community page and an agent initiated a chat with me. She provided me with a link to join a video meeting. After our greetings, she asked me for my email address. She didn’t ask anything after that and told me that she will update my profile with the badge.

Upwork Identity Verified Badge

And that’s it! In less than two minutes, my Upwork profile has been updated with the Identity Verified badge.

How about you? Do you have the badge already? Let me know your experience in the comment section.

Also, here’s how I started my freelancing journey: