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    How does the Sakura Free Market App work?

    Decluttering and reducing waste becomes part of the minimalism trend. Do you have some unnecessary stuff that you want to get rid of? Then, this is a great time to sell them and earn some money. Sakura Free Market App is an amazing app to start. With a mission to create a free market online, SAKURA launched its web and Android app this September. This new web and mobile app allow people to buy and sell brand new or second-hand goods. How does Sakura Market app work? For the Seller: Take Photos of your item for sale. Upload the photos in Sakura and add necessary information (i.e. price, description, condition,…


    Silent Sanctuary x Brisom: Just Chilling

    Silent Sanctuary and Brisom don’t believe in boxes and labels. Silent Sanctuary has a rock sound but they have a violinist to add the texture of a classical string section to their band. Brisom combines the influence of world music with synth sounds and an Indie Pop music flavor. This common point of view makes it easy for them to just hang out, to just be themselves. When they get together, the laughter comes easily. Work flows because they don’t see themselves as working. “We found out that they also wanted to add some strings to their sound,” Raymund “Sarkie” Sarangay, vocalist and guitarist of Silent Sanctuary revealed. “And we…


    10th Baby, Kids, and Family Expo PH

    My First Expo as a Mom When I received the invitation for the 10th Baby, Kids, and Family Expo PH, my heart leaped for joy as this would be my first event as a mom. However, we don’t have a helper to take care of my baby and going to events like this is hard because we now live in the province. But, seeing the list of Exhibitors and the Schedule of Activities, I told myself I will never miss this. Good thing, my husband volunteered to take care of our toddler while I’m out. Besides, I have never been out without my baby for a while now. 10th Baby…


    Open Your Eyes to Better Eye Care

    “Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.” – Samuel Richardson More than our window to the world, our eyes send unconscious social queues that communicate the real us, way better than any words put together. It can convey affection, hostility, and even indifference. And to see the beauty around and within us, it is but prudent to take better care of our eyesight. Better Eye Care This is the core commitment of George, one of the premier eye care providers in the country. For almost six decades, George has always been at the forefront in advocating professional eye care to its clientele. It remains committed to…


    Home Suite Unveils its Newest Celebrity Endorser

    CLC Marketing Ventures Corp., the company behind Home Suite unveils its newest celebrity endorser. This is none other than the quintessential funny man himself — Mr. Bayani Agbayani. Just like the high-quality entertainment and fun laughter that comes in mind when the name Bayani Agbayani is mentioned, Home Suite is beyond joyful and excited to be represented by Mr. Agbayani. We believe Bayani’s reputation of providing high-quality entertainment is synonymous to Home Suite’s values in terms of providing families the best in the locally manufactured high-quality home furniture. Home Suite takes pride in distributing home furniture such as metal beds, dining sets, sala sets, sofa beds, and home accessories in…