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Articles about freelancing or anything about working from home. Tips on how or where to start written by homebound mom unless otherwise stated.

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Last April 23, I received an email from Upwork that freelancers now have the opportunity to earn an Upwork Identity Verification Badge. It was not required back then so I just moved on. But then last September 24, I received another email from them saying that this is now required.

Why did Upwork require the Identity Verification Badge?

According to their email, they are now requiring the Identity Verification Badge to help keep Upwork safe and fraud-free. They received feedback from clients that this information is important when they evaluate freelancers to hire. For the freelancers, those who have Identity Verified badge receive more job invitations.

If a freelancer did not earn the badge by September 30, the freelancer will not be able to withdraw earnings or submit proposals. The existing contracts will not be affected, however.

How to get an Identity Verified Badge?

To get the badge, you have to pass the two-stage verification process. Go to your Upwork profile ‘Settings’ and click ‘Identity Verification’. You may also click the link in the Action Required message shown on your account, or the email entitled Action Required: Please Verify Your Identity.

1. Provide a valid government-issued ID

– This ID must include your picture, signature, name, date of birth, and address, with the exception of passports, which don’t need your address. Acceptable documents include passport, national ID card, driver’s license, NBI Clearance, tax ID, voter ID, postal ID, or any other valid government-issued photo ID that meets these criteria. Visit this link for more information:

2. Complete a video verification call

– For the verification call, make sure that you have a working webcam and microphone. The call should take less than ten minutes.

I researched what the Upwork agents usually ask and came up with these: Full name, Government ID used, Upwork email address, information about your contracts, name of your current clients and what do you do for them, etc. The questions are not always the same per Upwork Agent and freelancers.

So before the call, I prepared everything. I made sure that my webcam and headphone are working, my ID is with me in case they asked for it, and visited my profile to review the contracts that I have. Then I clicked the link on the Action Required notification to get started.

Upwork Identity Verification Call
Action Required: To avoid additional account restrictions, you must complete your identity verification call with Upwork. You can initiate this call by chatting with an agent ‘here.

The link redirects to the Upwork Community page and an agent initiated a chat with me. She provided me with a link to join a video meeting. After our greetings, she asked me for my email address. She didn’t ask anything after that and told me that she will update my profile with the badge.

Upwork Identity Verified Badge

And that’s it! In less than two minutes, my Upwork profile has been updated with the Identity Verified badge.

How about you? Do you have the badge already? Let me know your experience in the comment section.

Also, here’s how I started my freelancing journey:


How I Started my Freelancing Journey

How I Started my Freelancing Journey
Received January 2018

Seems like I just started. 🙂 Never crossed my mind before that I will be doing this for a long time. Read on for the story of ‘how I started my freelancing journey’.

**Got this from my old blog. Written last year, back when I was just writing for myself.haha

2010, I was in my second year as a customer service representative of a BPO company when I heard about Odesk. As I am bored with my job at that time, I signed up and applied for several job posts in Odesk. I received responses from clients but I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t reply back. Little did I know that this will be a big thing years later.

Fast forward to 2014

The company I was working for closed our eCommerce account making our team redundant so we were let go. Then, I flew to my sister’s place in Sydney and stayed there for several months. I went back to PH in 2015 and got married.

Came December 2015, I asked myself, do I really want to go back to corporate life? And then a thought came to mind, I have friends working at home already, why don’t I try freelancing online? That’s how I remembered Odesk, now Upwork. In January 2016, I decided to join the bandwagon and visited my old profile in Odesk, I tweaked it a bit and started sending proposals. After three weeks, I got a job from a Uni student in the US. After that one-time job, I don’t know what happened but I received several offers already. Maybe the world is telling me that this is what I should be doing.

Although I don’t take full-time jobs as I have to go back to Sydney for several months, I am happy to say that until now, May 2018, I never run out of clients.

So there, that is how I started my freelancing journey. This page will be my diary (so high school.haha) for my work-at-home jobs, experience, rants and anything about freelancing.