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10th Baby, Kids, and Family Expo PH

#BFKEP2019 Invitation

My First Expo as a Mom

When I received the invitation for the 10th Baby, Kids, and Family Expo PH, my heart leaped for joy as this would be my first event as a mom. However, we don’t have a helper to take care of my baby and going to events like this is hard because we now live in the province. But, seeing the list of Exhibitors and the Schedule of Activities, I told myself I will never miss this. Good thing, my husband volunteered to take care of our toddler while I’m out. Besides, I have never been out without my baby for a while now.

10th Baby Kids and Family Expo PH Day 1

Baby, Kids & Family Expo Philippines (BKFEP) is the country’s largest consumer and trade show for babies, kids, maternity, parenting and family products, and services. The 10th Edition was held last August 31 to September 1, 2019, at the Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall. There’s a FREE registration online and the Walk-In fee was P50.00.

The Expo Opening Ceremony started at 10:45 AM and officially opened at 11:00 AM. Below is a picture of the people who participated with the Ribbon Cutting – Representatives of some of the Exhibiting Brands, Manager of Megatrade Hall; Marianne Rodillo, David Abrenilla, BFKEP Founder; Vanessa Te, BKFEP Project Head; Vernie Fuentes, BKFEP Marketing Head; and Vision Board Coach Trixie Esguerra.

BFKEP2019 Opening Ceremony
© Baby, Kids & Family Expo PH Facebook Page

BFKEP2019 Participating Brands

The event was sponsored by Wilkins, Nestle Cerelac, Ogawa, Sweet Baby, and Chiron. Indeed, Megatrade Hall 1 was packed with brands with special discounted bundles and price not just for our babies but for the whole family. Playful Diaper and Wipes, Tiny Buds, Chicco, Baby First, Bite Block, NexCare, Smiles Tooth Gel were some of our favorites. Below is a list of the Exhibiting Brands and the Schedule of Events:

I managed to get pictures but there’s a lot so I just included screenshots here. I would just like to highlight BFKEP’s team for their effort of making moms/parents comfortable for providing them a special breastfeeding and diaper changing area. Please visit Homebound Mom’s Facebook Page for the full album.

Expo Brand Exhibitors
Expo Brand Exhibitors
Expo Brand Exhibitors

It’s not just the moms who enjoyed shopping, I mean who enjoyed the event 😉, but the kids as well who went with their parents. The BFKEP team prepared something fun for the kids like the Ballet Performance, Magic Show, Alladin Musical and Games. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring our toddler.

For the moms/parents, they prepared seminars from industry experts and celebrity parents such as How to Foster your Kids to Healthier Habits, Healthy Pregnancy Tips, Natural Baby Skincare Tips for New Moms, Tips for Successful Breastfeeding and Choosing Quality Diapers. And those my friends are for Day 1 only! Imagine how much learnings can you get if you’ve attended all of those seminars! And you get all those for FREE or a maximum of P50.00. My 4 hours trip to the Metro was absolutely worth it!

My Heart is Full!

As with all moms who left their kids at home, I had to go home early. I wasn’t able to finish all the presentations and attend Day 2. Baby, Kids, and Family Expo PH exceeded my expectations as a first-time attendee and I am now excited for its 11th Edition. Because of that, I will make sure that I can attend next year and hopefully bring my kid. Perfect if my husband can tag along as well so he can enjoy events like this.

Another bonus is that I met mommy bloggers who I just follow on their social media accounts! I was like a giddy kid who asked for a picture with them. Lucky me!

Baby, Kids, and Family Expo PH 2019 Mommy Bloggers
From Left to Right (Instagram Handles): VinnaVinz, ThePrudentMama, HomeboundMom, MomNessly, EmoinkzBailey, Shescapade

6 Perks of Being a Toddler’s Mom


Being a toddler’s mom for the first time is stressful. Don’t even say otherwise, because it is!

But, setting aside the stress, those sleepless nights, after all the hard work you do every day, having a child brings joy and unexplainable happiness in any parent’s life.

Today, I listed 6 perks that I get to enjoy as a mom despite ranting about my toddler’s actions every day.

1. If you are afraid to be alone, don’t worry, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE!

2. You’ll get lots of hugs and kisses — unlimited, even if you don’t ask for it. Prepare a tissue or a cloth for the saliva though. 😂😂

Baby Kissing Mom

3. You get to have snacks all the time, don’t mind if it’s your child’s leftovers.

Leftover Snacks

4. You get to exercise while cleaning your child’s stuff. Hey, multitasking!

Messy House

5. Out of tune? Don’t worry, your child will appreciate any nursery rhyme that you will sing. Hey, you get to practice your vocal cords too! Our favorite at the moment is Clean Up Song by CoCoMelon. — No preview of me singing, sorry! 😂😂

6. Can’t sleep? Insomnia? Oh mom, just think of your day tomorrow and gaze at your child’s face. And you’ll fall asleep in no time, tomorrow will be another day (you know what I mean!) 😂😂

Sleeping toddler

I LOVE MY CHILD, I would just like to share the positive side of every rant that I make in this journey of mamahood. If you are offended in any way, I apologize.

Are you a mom too, can you relate? 😊 Can you share something similar about your toddler too? Comment down below and I’ll add it up to the list. Thank you for reading! 😊


Why Am I Blogging?

Why am I blogging

**Just a heads up, this is a long, very personal story of why I am blogging. **

Have you ever felt that you would really like to do something but can’t? Either you don’t have the inspiration, the tools or someone’s discouraging you. Have you ever felt that you would like to write something but you just ignore it or you are just procrastinating?

Those times that you are just talking to yourself, ideas coming in, and thoughts pouring, it’s overwhelming! You promised to write everything but when you find the time and you’re ready to write everything, you don’t know where to start.

All of those thoughts that you so carefully organized in your mind are gone! Nothing comes out of your mind. It’s frustrating! It happens all the time until you just gave up. Forget everything about writing and just moved on.

Years passed by and the passion is still there but it keeps on happening. Don’t you wish there’s a machine, a device or a simple cap that you can just wear on your head and records everything on your mind?

I did! A lot of times.

Every time a series of thoughts comes in, I explore my mind finding a space where to store it. Somewhere it won’t be gone at the time I need it. I am one forgetful person! When I get old, I’m not going to be surprised if I will be diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s because I feel like I have one whenever I forget something. So one of the reasons why I blog is to keep these thoughts, ideas, and memories in one place.

Why am I blogging planner diary

Secondly, writing has been a comfort ever since. I remember when I was a child, I would write on paper whenever my mother doesn’t bring me to the market with my sister or whenever my crush snubbed me. Emotions that I cannot tell anyone as I am afraid to be laughed at.

There are a couple of times that they saw what I wrote and I was so embarrassed that I stopped writing. I would write poems but I cannot show them to anyone, not that I don’t want them to see, I am just scared to be criticized for my writing. During high school, I have this pile of yellow pad papers with articles or Tagalog pocketbook-like stories that I wrote but that’s for my eyes only, or a very few people from high school who knew about it, maybe 2-4 and that’s it. But that’s not enough to believe in me. I just keep all things to myself.

Why am I blogging planner diary

College came, still the same. I’m still writing poems and stories, some I wrote when I am traveling going home. Pen and paper are a must in my bag. When I started working, planners became my diary. I have a whole lot of notebooks pero hindi ko napupuno yun. Until I stopped writing again.

I don’t know what happened, things moved up so fast. I was deemed redundant by the company I was working for, traveled to the country where my sister’s family is, went back to PH, got married, bore a child and then became a work-at-home mom. Not full time as I have a very clingy child. As we moved to the province, communication with friends became rare. Our house, my husband on weekends and my baby are where my life surrounds.

Social media became my companion. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Blogs, Vlogs. Until one day, a high school classmate blurted out in our group chat about me writing during high school. She remembered about the stories that I wrote in those yellow pad papers, I don’t even know where they are now.

And that gave me a different feeling. I can’t pinpoint what it is.

One day, I was reading a blog and I remembered that I have been blogging before but I don’t show it to others as I am not comfortable sharing it. I have been making several accounts in Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress but I am not really serious about it.

And it came back, suddenly, my heart raced. I want to do it again, and this time, I am serious! Went to WordPress and started making a new one. I racked my mind, what should I write about? What type of blogger would I be? Travel blogger? No, I seldom go out. Food blogger, review restaurants, share recipes? No, that would require me to go out as well and shell a lot of money. Sports blogger? Duh, why that does even came to mind, I don’t know any rules about sports. News, blog about celebrities? Ugh, that would require me to go out to be able to get scoops on recent news. So, what would I be???

As I am typing loudly on my keyboard, my son woke up and asked for milk. So I got up and prepared one for him. When I gave him his bottle, it hit me! Why don’t I be a mommy blogger? If I can’t write anything about my baby, my family, being a mother, or anything valuable then write about anything! Be a mommy or a lifestyle blogger. Heck, does it really matter? Just write anything you want. Remember, you are writing for you, not because someone dictates you to. This time, you are in charge. That’s the thing about me, I don’t believe in myself. And I am thinking of what other people will say before I do anything that I would really like. But, I am decided. Let’s make it public!

homebound mom header

As I went back to the reasons why I can’t be a certain type of blogger, there’s just one hindrance that keeps popping up, I can’t always go out because of my son, and so HOMEBOUND MOM came to life. Thank you, Lord! 🙂 🙂 🙂

This time, I got a paid domain and hosting so I don’t get to procrastinate and just write whenever I want to. I joined Facebook groups for writers, bloggers, support groups, etc. I picked several Poems from the blogs I created before and compiled it to the new one. The mental block came; I don’t know what to write first, I am still struggling; it seems that I forgot how to write. For now, I’ll just write whatever comes to mind that I’m comfortable to share. At least I have set it up. If no one reads what I write, then so be it. At least, I am writing again. It might be late but I now know what I want. This may not be a career but this is what I have been missing all my life.

And that’s the story of why I am blogging. As I am new to writing in public, I’ll try my best to learn more about blogging. Refine my writing skills and gain more experience/knowledge so I can share topics that would be beneficial to my readers (if there’s any).

Are you still reading this? Really? Oh wow! Thank you!!!!

Have something to tell me? Any input or suggestions on what to put in here? Any negative things to say?

How about you? What made you decide to be a blogger? I am excited to know your story. Just comment down below. Thanks for reading! 🙂


The Joy I Felt When I Found Out I’m Pregnant

Mother with baby sleeping

It was a busy week in my world of freelancing and I am having a normal change of attitude when I’m expecting my period. I have a 25-28-day cycle but I freaked out when I missed Day 1 last March 2016. The thought of being pregnant came to mind.

We were married for 10 months then and was not really trying to conceive, be pregnant. I told my husband that I missed my period. As we wait for the right time to check, we had this mixed emotion of fear, excitement, and what-ifs letting the days pass by.

I took the test after 7 days. March 26, 2016 (we slept at a friend’s house), I woke up early but hesitated to test my urine. I don’t know why. My husband is still asleep and so I did my project for a client for a while. When my husband woke up, I gathered my courage and secretly walked into the bathroom with the pregnancy test kit.

And so it happened, I waited for a while and saw the 2 super red lines shouting that I was indeed pregnant. I felt nervous and happy and afraid. I don’t know what else can you call the feeling that I had inside the bathroom.

Before I went out, I composed myself, fixed my hair and prepared something to tell my husband. But the moment that I saw him, nothing came out of my mouth. I just felt the need to hug him and so I did. Teary-eyed, I showed him that little white PT and uttered, ‘Dad, positive’. We were both smiling and hugged each other tightly.

And now, I am the mom of a super active toddler. 🙂 Please join me as I share with you my journey as a first-time mom here on the blog.


Atchara, a Must Buy from Calaca, Batangas

Conching's Special Atchara
Conching’s Special Atchara

My trip to Calaca will never be complete without eating or taking home Atchara, can be Atsara or Achara. Calaca is known to have the finest Atchara. It is home for the Calacatchara Festival which Calaqueños celebrate every October.

Atchara (also spelled achara or atsara), is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya popular in the Philippines. This dish is often served as a side dish for fried or grilled foods such as pork barbecue. The name may come from several names for South Asian pickle and is related to acar from neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia.” – Wikipedia

Conching’s Special Atchara

There are different types of Atchara in the Philippines but nothing beats, for me, the variant made in Calaca. It tastes a bit sour and sweet. The shredded Papaya is crunchy, and the color made it extra inviting to eat. This is a perfect side dish for any grilled or fried viand, but I partner this with any ulam. I even ask my siblings to send me one when I moved to the North.

I will not go into details anymore as to how it is being made as I do not know the exact measurement of ingredients used and the process. But the main ingredients are green papaya with carrots, ginger, onions, and red bell pepper. Maybe, just maybe, when I have time in the future, I’ll try to make the exact version and I’ll share it with you. 🙂