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  • Invest in Jewelry Just Jewels

    Why You Should Invest in Jewelry

    Precious stones, gemstones, and jewelry have always been connected to human culture since time immemorial. These beautiful adornments continue to hold real meaning and value. Throughout the course of history, jewelry has been offered as a trophy, an amulet, and sometimes, even art. It perfectly symbolizes love, a celebration of milestones, and of course, the ultimate representation of wealth. The line between jewelry and money has always been intertwined with each other. To this day, jewelry continues to be used as currency, inheritance, and investment. But investing in jewelry requires the right knowledge and responsibility. It is a wise and valuable asset to have as it continues to grow in…

  • NOVUHAIR PR Cory Quirino

    NOVUHAIR® Petite Conversations with Cory Quirino

    Love yourself just a little bit better. Be more aware. Be more diligent in choosing products that you will embrace as part of your health and beauty care. That’s the first step. But how?  NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, partners with the country’s Health, Beauty & Wellness Icon Ms. Cory Quirino in spreading the brand’s advocacy campaign and reaching out to more Filipinos around the world in celebration of its 10th successful year in the market. Look good, feel good! “With little acts of loving-kindness towards the self, you can achieve the perfect 10,” she emphasizes. “In order to look good, you have to feel good. And in…

  • FamHealthy Vein Check

    A Deep Dive on Thrombosis: When does it become a cause for concern?

    If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that we should never take our health for granted. From chronic diseases to other potential underlying health conditions, taking care of ourselves in a holistic manner goes a long way to maintaining our overall health and wellbeing. To raise awareness on health and medical concerns that may arise amid the quarantine, Sanofi Philippines partnered with The Asian Parent to launch FamHealthy, a webinar series that aims to educate Filipino families when it comes to health matters. In observance of World Thrombosis Day, FamHealthy hosted a special episode featuring the Philippine Society of Vascular Medicine to tackle ​blood clots or thromboses​,…

  • Sterling-Bank-on-the-Go

    Sterling Bank Accelerates Adoption of Digital Payments through QR Code

    Sterling Bank of Asia (SBA) continues to strengthen its digitization efforts by improving its online banking platform with the implementation of the Sterling Bank QR Pay. Among the BSP-supervised financial institutions, SBA is one of the first thrift banks that has adopted the National Quick Response Code Standard (QRPh). “The advantage of using QR code is that it facilitates instant payment or fund transfer without the need to manually key in the account details,” said Mr. Cecilio San Pedro, SBA’s President and CEO. This lessens the errors and makes fund transfers and payments fast, safe, and convenient. QRPh makes QR codes of different banks and e-wallets interoperable. Through Sterling Bank’s…

  • Pepsi Philippines E-commerce website

    Pepsi Philippines enters E-Commerce business to strengthen customer reach

    As quarantine restrictions remain in effect in various parts of the country, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) is entering the E-Commerce business by allowing online orders for in-home deliveries starting October 5. PCPPI, the exclusive manufacturer of PepsiCo beverages in the country, is aiming to strengthen connections with its target consumers. “With mobility restrictions brought about by varying phases of lockdown, we have decided to adopt e-commerce to our overall operations to heed the call of our customers who wish to have more access to our product while they are at home,” said PCPPI President and CEO, Frederick Ong. “By going online, we are also able to counter disruptions caused…

  • Novuhair Lucky Deals Lazada

    NOVUHAIR & Master Hanz: Attuned with Nature’s Energy

    Cliché as it may sound, life has to go on but be it not forgotten that we can’t continue ignoring our body’s natural rhythm. Our individual uniqueness has equipped us with varied energy set up. While others may need more sleep than normal, some are designed with more sensitivity to asymmetries in daily routine. Ignoring our bodily-sent warning signals to slow down may cause health problems later on.  Fortunately, the prowess of the universe works in different mysterious ways, and more often than not, destiny is one of the words that the brain can essentially define. NOVUHAIR®, 2019 leading natural hair loss treatment (Euromonitor Passport Data October 2019), partnered with…

  • Aloe Vera Herbal Essences

    Aloe Vera, The Clean Beauty Holy Grail Reshaping Hair Care

    As attractive as they look like in a pot, aloe vera plants have been hailed as a natural ingredient with many positive skin benefits for thousands of years. Aloe vera leaves are full of gel-like texture that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids. It also contains enzymes that repair dead skin cells, while moisturizing the skin. It is rich in vitamins C and E which are nutrients that improve the skin’s elasticity, for a firmer and youthful look. Back in 2018, the rise of aloe vera gel tubs has taken over the Philippine beauty community. Aloe vera’s ability to soothe and provide hydration to the skin boosted…