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  • The 5 Wishes I have for my son when he grows up

    Top 5 Wishes I Have For My Son

    Merry Christmas! Yes, it’s Christmas today and looking at social media posts, I saw a lot of ‘What’s your wish?’ or ‘What do you want to receive?’ Instead of asking that to myself, I wrote the top 5 wishes I have for my son when he grows up and can decide for himself. That he accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior Accepting Jesus as his Lord and savior is a guarantee that he will be saved and have eternal life in Heaven. Isn’t this the best wish one could ever have for their children? Not good deeds, not good words, and not just going to church will save us.…

  • Perks of being a toddler's mom

    6 Perks of Being a Toddler’s Mom

    Being a toddler’s mom for the first time is stressful. Don’t even say otherwise, because it is! But, setting aside the stress, those sleepless nights, after all the hard work you do every day, having a child brings joy and unexplainable happiness in any parent’s life. Today, I listed 6 perks that I get to enjoy as a mom despite ranting about my toddler’s actions every day. 1. If you are afraid to be alone, don’t worry, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE! 2. You’ll get lots of hugs and kisses — unlimited, even if you don’t ask for it. Prepare a tissue or a cloth for the saliva though. 😂😂…

  • Why am I blogging planner diary

    Why Am I Blogging?

    **Just a heads up, this is a long, very personal story of why I am blogging. ** Have you ever felt that you would really like to do something but can’t? Either you don’t have the inspiration, the tools or someone’s discouraging you. Have you ever felt that you would like to write something but you just ignore it or you are just procrastinating? Those times that you are just talking to yourself, ideas coming in, and thoughts pouring, it’s overwhelming! You promised to write everything but when you find the time and you’re ready to write everything, you don’t know where to start. All of those thoughts that you…


    The Joy I Felt When I Found Out I’m Pregnant

    It was a busy week in my world of freelancing and I am having a normal change of attitude when I’m expecting my period. I have a 25-28-day cycle but I freaked out when I missed Day 1 last March 2016. The thought of being pregnant came to mind. We were married for 10 months then and was not really trying to conceive, be pregnant. I told my husband that I missed my period. As we wait for the right time to check, we had this mixed emotion of fear, excitement, and what-ifs letting the days pass by. I took the test after 7 days. March 26, 2016 (we slept…


    Mother Nurture Launches the First Lactation Choco and Coffee Mixes in PH to Support Breastfeeding Moms

    Mother Nurture introduces the first-ever lactation Choco and Coffee mixes in the Philippines for breastfeeding moms. Available in Chocolate and Coffee mixes, the pro-breastfeeding brand has been nurturing Filipino mothers and championing the cause of breastfeeding through their online (FB) stores and resellers. Lan San Juan-Perez, the woman behind Mother Nurture products, became aware of the challenges in breastfeeding of many Filipino women. After successfully re-lactating to breastfeed her second child, she became an ardent advocate. Lan firmly believes in the many benefits of breastfeeding. “Breast milk is the perfect food to give to an infant. It has all the necessary nutrients that they need for immunity and to protect…


    I am a tired mom, but happy!

    I am a tired mom, but happy! Nakakapagod mag-alaga lalo pa at dalawa lang tayo madalas sa bahay, palaging puyat, hindi pumipirmi na malinis ang bahay, hindi makapagtrabaho si mom kasi ang clingy mo – gusto mo palagi ako kalaro at katabi matulog, hindi tayo makagala na tayo lang kasi hindi kita kaya buhatin mag-isa pag napagod ka na maglakad (laki at likot mo po kasi), ang dami mo na din ‘watdat mom?’, di ko na masagot minsan kasi paulit ulit e. Pero makita ko lang yung smile mo na yan at happy ka, aba anak, nawawala na pagod ni mom. Hindi literal na nawala ha, syempre tired mom pa…


    Clean Up Song by Cocomelon

    Clean Up Song by CoCoMelon (formerly “ABCkidTV”) seems to be my favorite song nowadays! I think all moms can relate especially if you have a toddler and if your house is super messy every single day! So, the lyrics of this song deserves a space in my blog. CHORUSClean up, clean upWe all had fun todayNow it’s time to clean up andPut everything away! Over here and over thereUp and down and everywhereAll the toys and games we playedAnd one big giant mess we made Over here and over thereUp and down and everywhereThere’s cars and trucks and boats and trainsAnd buses and a model plane Over here and over…