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    Sa dako pa roon

    Lumipad ka! Patungo sa dako pa roon Sa dakong nakatunghay ay isang hambog! Lumipad sa rurok ng walang katumbas na ligaya Sa lawak ng karangyaang dulot ay dusa. Lumipad ka sa gitna ng mga bundok             Hatid ay pangamba.. Sa hanging ang direksyon ay di Makita Sa ilalim ng dagat na ang hatid ay masamang alaala Sa dako pa roon, pag-asa’y lumisan na. Lipad! Oo, lipad! Sa kalangitang hatid ay pag-asa Sa asul na ulap, sumakay ka. Pangamba’y isama sa ulan Ipaimbuyo sa lakas ng hangin Ipatunaw kay Haring Araw! Sa dako pa roon mamili ka,   Ilog ng karangyaang puro dusa  O ang Bato na siyang sandigan…



    From the depths of silence ..there is war. From the depths of happiness .. someone’s crying out loud From the depths of humility .. there is vanity  From the depths of eternity  .. there is death. Bewildered in the vagueness of me Blaming the boast of vanity Journeying through the madness of earth Belittling the self for unclaimed holy wealth. Crowning the glory of the lowest realm Feeding the soul of excommunicated angel Living with the generosity of the most ungenerous Died in the serenity of the most wicked creature…



    You came unexpectedly, I felt nothing but average. Teased each other, you erased my ennui. How fast time has been, I felt something, denial came in. Told myself you are a mediocre and I’m just enjoying. But see, you are diligent, entrusted your past to me        Promised you’ll wait and we’ll live happily. Immersed myself with your phrases but it turned out as eddy. At work you failed, I understand.        How come it is me you dumped? You said we’re not meant to be.        Well it seemed that you used me! Then I recognized, bitter, I was hurt and cried. Hope you will realize that someone fell…