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How I Started my Freelancing Journey

How I Started my Freelancing Journey
Received January 2018

Seems like I just started. 🙂 Never crossed my mind before that I will be doing this for a long time. Read on for the story of ‘how I started my freelancing journey’.

**Got this from my old blog. Written last year, back when I was just writing for myself.haha

2010, I was in my second year as a customer service representative of a BPO company when I heard about Odesk. As I am bored with my job at that time, I signed up and applied for several job posts in Odesk. I received responses from clients but I didn’t take it seriously and didn’t reply back. Little did I know that this will be a big thing years later.

Fast forward to 2014

The company I was working for closed our eCommerce account making our team redundant so we were let go. Then, I flew to my sister’s place in Sydney and stayed there for several months. I went back to PH in 2015 and got married.

Came December 2015, I asked myself, do I really want to go back to corporate life? And then a thought came to mind, I have friends working at home already, why don’t I try freelancing online? That’s how I remembered Odesk, now Upwork. In January 2016, I decided to join the bandwagon and visited my old profile in Odesk, I tweaked it a bit and started sending proposals. After three weeks, I got a job from a Uni student in the US. After that one-time job, I don’t know what happened but I received several offers already. Maybe the world is telling me that this is what I should be doing.

Although I don’t take full-time jobs as I have to go back to Sydney for several months, I am happy to say that until now, May 2018, I never run out of clients.

So there, that is how I started my freelancing journey. This page will be my diary (so high school.haha) for my work-at-home jobs, experience, rants and anything about freelancing.


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