Converge Billing Statement

How to check your Converge Billing Statement (SOA)

I can’t remember when’s the last time we received our Converge Billing Statement (SOA) — cable and internet plan. I called their customer service, more than a year ago, to ask why am I not receiving it. She said, all SOA will be sent to the registered email address, but I haven’t received any.

We just ended up paying our monthly bill without the SOA because it’s a fixed amount anyway. There even came a time that they cut our connection without any notice. When I called to ask why, they said we missed a month of payment because of the adjusted billing period. What? When did they adjust it? Oh! They posted an update on their Facebook page. Surprise!🤦

Converge Billing Statement

I searched if there’s any other way to obtain our bill and found out about “Converge – Get SOA Beta“. It’s a selfservice portal where you can download your billing statement. Finally! So, here’s how it works.

Step 1

Converge Billing Statement Step 1

Visit, works best with latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Enter your Converge account number and agree to their Privacy Policy.

Step 2

Converge Billing Statement Step 2

Confirm that they have your correct email address and mobile number. Please make sure that you still have the mobile number that you used to register.

Step 3

Converge SOA Step 3

You will receive an alphanumeric one-time password. Submit it to validate that you are the owner of the account.

Step 4

Converge SOA Step 4

The site will then provide you the list of your Converge monthly billing (statement of account) with a link to download each. It will show you the usual details: Account number, SOA number, Statement Date, covered Billing Period, Minimum Due, Total Amount, any adjustments, Due Date, etc.

I’m not sure if it’s just me or if others don’t receive their bill as well, but I’m sharing this anyway. No more missed payments and surprise cutting of connection, yey!

We have been using Converge since 2017, experienced it first in Batangas, and subscribed to their plan when we moved in Bulacan. So far, aside from the SOA and connection problems recently, we are happy subscribers.

What internet provider are you using? If you are using Converge, how do you receive your monthly bill? Please share in the comment section.

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF CONVERGE, just shared my own experience. I had to put a disclaimer in this post as I receive a lot of comments and concerns about Converge. 😀

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  • Luzette A Quiñones

    Hi! How can I get our SOA on the converge ICT connection in our office? We don’t have OTP on it. Is there any ways to change the registered contact number? Thank you

  • Jeff A

    I tried accessing the beta site as advised as well as the Converge App. I cannot see any of my SOA except for July 2020. Been subscribed with them since January of 2020. I sent an email to their Customer Service address as well as called their service desk.

    Nothing happened. Anyone with the same issue as mine regarding their monthly SOA?

    • homebound mom

      Hello Mane. Hindi po. Ito yung usual na nakalagay sa downloadable na bill: Account number, SOA number, Statement Date, covered Billing Period, Minimum Due, Total Amount, any adjustments, Due Date, etc.

  • Jenniffer Egbe

    Exceptional post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Kudos!

    • homebound mom

      Hindi ko din po sure. Minsan kasi hindi din naglo-load yung website nila. Pwede email them po sa customer service nila, or tawag po kayo sa Converge – NCR: (02) 8667 0850 or Regional: (045) 598 3000.


    Ask ko lang na disconnect yung converge namin..yesterday pero today nag bayad na ako.saan ba pwede mag call para ma re connect..ginagamit kasi ng anak ko sa online class e. thank you


    Good afternoon po sir/ma’am , ask ko lang po bakit po my nag-aappear na 2,600 sa payment ko eh monthly po nagbabayad me ontime . Like now , October 16, 2020 kababayad ko lang po. Wala man lang nga po kayong reply kung nareceive nyo o hindi ung payment ,sana magreply man lang po kayo. Buti p ang Home Credit kababayad lang , with in 2minutes reply agad sila kayo wala. Hindi ko nanga po pinaaabot ng due date para walang problema .Sana po mabigyan po ninyo ng pansin pagnagbayad sa inyo. Thank you po.

  • Blackmamb

    I am a new converge user and my problem was that I want to know my SOA, managed to do the beta get SOA done all the information but it’s uncessful. I just also want to know my billing dates when will it be due still no avail of all the email and the phone number. Just being worried that my friends are telling me they are fast in disconnecting and so slow on reconnecting it. But right now I am still a happy user

    • homebound mom

      Hello BlackMamb. Yes, they disconnect the service when you miss a payment. It’s sad that they’re not responding to emails, I’ve read a lot of posts complaining about that too. 🙁

      Have you tried their app?

  • Wendy

    This is my first time to hear about Converge (i don’t live in the Phils) but it’s good to know that there are alternatives. My parents are using PLDT and their connection at home has always been good. I hope it stays the same with Converge and you won’t get any billing concerns now that you have discovered how you can check your bills online.

  • may palacpac

    We’re using converge, too. I don’t have problem with the billing, but customer service is difficult because you can’t reach them when you need them. like lately, our connection has been acting up. It’s pretty unusual, but i can’t afford a fluctuating internet when i’m holding classes

  • Hazel

    Actually, same here pero Skycable – i don’t receive any paper SOA and any email version of my SOA pero since fixed yung amount I just pay online. 😅 I’m thinking of changing cos lagi ang hina ng net and nawawalang ng signal cable namin. Converge is my top choice. Good to know you’re happy with them (except for the SOA issue and connection problem recently).

    • Cizelle Ann

      Okay lang po ba mag bayad if wala pang SOA, kasi with in 2 days due date na po e, baka maputulan kami. pero ma apply naman po siguro yung payment of mag babayad kami before due date?

      • homebound mom

        Hello. Sorry, late reply.

        Yes, I do that. Hindi na ko nagche-check, nagbabayad na lang ako monthly before ng due date para sure. Basta tama ang Converge account number mo. Tapos, chinecheck ko na lang after ilang days kung pumasok ba ang payment ko.

  • Misskhae

    Wala pa yatang Converge dito sa amin eh but I’ve seen a lot of my Mnl friends that keep on ranting about Converge this past few days. HAHAHA 😀 So, I just wanna ask…mabilis po ba yung internet connection nila?

    • homebound mom

      Hahaha. Yes, the past few days medyo masakit sa ulo. Maybe because of the growing subscribers and hindi kami naka-fiber. Pero overall, mabilis siya compared to others. For me lang ha, not sure sa ibang areas, we live in Bulacan.

  • blair villanueva

    Thanks for another update! Kamusta naman ang connection? I am looking for additional internet provider for our employees in case PLDT f*cks up. Mabuti na yung may back-up plan.

    • homebound mom

      Compared to other networks that I’ve tried, pinaka-okay ang Converge. It’s just that this year, napapadalas yung pagbagal nila. But overall, okay samin considering na we just have the 5mbps and not fiber pa.

  • Vee

    Oh hey, thanks for the info! I receive texts and emails from Converge though, so I’m not sure why other people don’t get their SOA… I’m a relatively new subscriber (since December last year) and I’m still on the fence about their service. The instability is quite frustrating, haha!

    • homebound mom

      Oh, good for you. 🙂
      Yeah, their service this year is quite frustrating. Maybe because of their growing subscribers and we are not using the fiber connection, I hope they will come up with a solution soon.

      • Nicole P.

        Is it true that Converge customer service is also as crappy as other internet provider’s CS? Anyway, while I don’t have converge specifically, this post is a definite advantage to all who have their internet with converge cause of the whole pandemic thing right now for sure. 😀

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