• Practical Parenting Hacks

    Power Moms Who Power Through at Home with these Practical Parenting Hacks

    Parenting is no easy feat; And, providing the best for your child amidst a crisis is a challenge like no other. As parenting outlook and practices change, moms continue to power through in providing the best for their children. Because amidst hardships and uncertainties, a mother’s strength shines through.   For they are Power moms.  In a time when resources are limited, the wisest course of action for power moms is to be practical and madiskarte. Being on a tight budget is one of the many obstacles that moms experience, but it doesn’t mean having to scrimp on quality products for your children. Finding products that deliver baby the protection they need, while still being easy on the wallet, may not be easy, but it is possible. This is why Pampers continues with its mission by providing superior products to support parents in keeping baby safe from ba-bad elements like pee, while helping them save more in the long run. From choosing practical quality products for…

  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes

    New Pampers Sensitive Wipes Make Cleaning Poo a Breeze for Parents

    Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced parent, it’s a known fact that with every precious baby also comes a lot of mess to clean! Everything from feeding your baby, playing, and especially diaper changing, comes with its fair share of a mess, but it doesn’t mean cleaning up can’t be easy. To make cleaning a breeze for you and your baby, Pampers, the No.1 diaper brand in the world, is here to help you with the launch of the NEW Pampers Sensitive Wipes that offers gentle but effective clean for your baby. NEW Pampers Sensitive Wipes Pampers Sensitive Wipes comes with soft and thick fluffy sheets that enable gentle, effective cleansing without easily tearing. Every sheet is guaranteed to be PH-balanced, paraben-free,…

  • Baby Discovery Day in Watsons

    Baby Discovery Day in Watsons

    It was 9 AM last December 16 when I saw a post in a mommy group about an exclusive invite from Johnson’s for a Baby Discovery Day in Watsons. I hesitated at first since it will be in Watsons Manhattan Cubao and the event is at 1:30 PM on the same day. But hey, its Johnson’s in Watsons so there’s nothing else to think about because I’m a fan of both. So yes, I signed up. Caleb and I had a great time with the First Time Moms Pinas and other #WatsonsMoms attendees. It was a fun and exciting day for us moms, as Watsons announced that they now carry baby…