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Baby wipes — every mom’s life-saver when we go out with our little one.

Playful Baby Wipes

I came across this brand, Playful Baby Wipes while searching for an alternative. It is cheaper than what we are currently using and has good reviews.

Playful Baby Wipes is owned by Primero World Alliance Corp, a Philippine-based import company founded in August of 2004. It comes in two variants: Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes (blue packaging) and Anti-bacterial All Purpose Wipes (pink packaging).

Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes is alcohol and fragrance-free to gently care for baby’s sensitive skin, while Anti-bacterial All Purpose Wipes is paraben-free and has a light floral scent when used on the skin. Both are made with high-quality soft fibers and are infused with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep baby’s skin healthy and moisturized.

I have been using both variants for a month now and I am satisfied with the performance. My toddler’s skin is slightly sensitive, especially the bum area, but I haven’t seen any redness or rashes so far when I used it. As each sheet is thick and moisture is just enough, 1 or 2 pulls would suffice for a dirty hand or to clean up my baby’s bum when we are outdoors.

Oh, I got mine in Lazada if you are wondering where I purchased them. Hypo-Allergenic Baby Wipes: 90’s – P76.00, 55’s – P47.00, 30’s – P33.25. Anti-bacterial All Purpose Wipes: 90’s – P80.75, 30’s – P37.00, 15’s x 3 packs – P60.00 (prices listed are as of August 7, 2019). They sell these in bundles as well if you are looking to purchase in bulk. They also sell Playful Baby Diapers – magic tape, and pants – but I haven’t tried it yet on my toddler.

I am just so happy to share that I found a great and affordable product for my toddler.

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SCHICK HYDRO 5 SENSE – Experience Customized Shaving like never before!


SCHICK has established it’s own niche in the industry as one of the pioneer when it comes to smooth shaving. 

2019 marks a very important year for SCHICK PHILIPPINES, as it launches its latest and most advanced razor to date – The Schick Hyrdro 5 Sense.

Chit Itchon, Global Marketing Director for Men’s Shaving at Edgewell Personal Care said: “We know that not all skin is the same and that guys take pride in finding products that address their specific skincare and grooming needs.

A guy’s grooming routine is more art than science, and no one’s grooming routine is the same.  The new Schick Hydro® 5 allows us to provide maximum comfort while helping to protect from irritation in a truly unique and customized way.”  Itchon added.

The New Schick Hydro 5 Sense, the next generation of Schick razors is packed with five (5) unique and useful features designed to create a personalized shaving experience like never before.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense
New Schick Hydro 5 Sense

The unique “Shock-Absorb Technology” enables the razor to give an incredibly close shave. The mechanism inside “senses” when pressure is exerted on skin while shaving and basically auto-adjust to the pressure.  The razor blades backs off when you apply too much pressure and adds pressure back when needed.  It allows you to shave the right amount of contact and pressure. When the pressure goes away, the razor returns to its original state. Schick Hydro 5 Sense is also designed to adjust to the contour of your face and your personal shaving style.

The “Lock-out Button“ is another special featureIt is located at the neck part of the razor. The button enables and disables the shock-absorb function as simple as sliding the it up and down.

The Schick Hydro 5 Sense comes with US made 5 slim surgical steel blades with Skin Guards on top of each blade. This doubles the number of point of contact between the blades and the skin between the blades; which is designed to help control the skin flow to reduce skin irritation.

It also has the unique 7 Hydro Glide Gel Pool designed with herbal extracts that protects and instantly hydrates skin for a smoother glide while shaving.

Last of it’s feature is the “Flip Back Trimmer”. Schick Hydro Sense 5 instantly transforms into s trimmer with simply flicking back the top of the razor.  This help gives precise trimming.

New Schick Hydro 5 Sense

SCHICK HYDRO 5 SENSE is the first and the only razor customized for him.  Based on Consumer Insights: 43% liked on how razor automatically adjust based on how you shave.  31% liked the idea of the hydrating gels and lubricated gels, 31% liked the idea that the razor is customized to their skin and their routine and 32% liked the promise of confortable shave with less irritation.

With the New Schick Hydro 5 Sense, having a smooth and confortable shave is now a reality.  An innovation that is set to change the playing field of the razor industry.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense is a global brand manufactured by Edgewell Personal Care and being imported, marketed and distributed in the Philippines by Getz Healthcare.